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Secure in my Calling, Part II

>> 4.26.2012

Long awaited!  I know!  I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seat wondering just WHEN I would do my follow-up post.  (Follow-up post?  Did I miss the first one?  That is prolly-- txt shortage from my friend for probably-- do you use that too?-- more like it!)  Hang on tonight-- my head is obviously spinning.  I get this way when I'm excited! 

My little "break" was due in part to computer crashes & losing material & in part just because of "life"-- yours is crazy busy and so is mine.  BUT, needless to say, I wanted to make sure I put these thoughts up here...should I pass on and never complete this post series!  (That would be a shame, of all things to leave uncompleted, right?)

Here are my practical thoughts on being secure in our every-day walking-around calling (the way in which we make our decisions on what we will do when):

1)  God has placed us on this earth exactly where He intended us to be -- not only are WE not a mistake (uniquely designed-- see #2) but we are LIVING where He intended us to live.  Why is this important?  Some people I've run across in life (including myself at times) have wondered why they were born into the situation and location they were born in-- some feel out-of-this-world-blessed by those situations (i.e. living in wealthy America vs. 3rd world nation) some feel cursed (i.e. not wealthy ENOUGH or whatever)  Generally, the latter type are pretty discontented and would be no matter what the situation because they have NOT learned the secret of contentment like Paul (in the Bible) had.

2)  God has designed us with unique talents & personalities -- be thankful for the talents you have and don't waste time wishing for other ones.  Some are good at "supporting" roles-- if that's you-- support your family & local church well!  Some are good at "leading" roles-- if that's you, then lead WELL!  God truly only knows how better off we might all be if those leading were doing so with excellence.  (There are some very excellent leaders, but many people are in leadership today for the wrong reasons which just makes them bad leaders.)

3) God has a definite design for family life -- This is such a touchy subject in "Christian" circles but really, it is obvious through Scripture that the man is to lead the family.  He is responsible for all matters in his home and he should lead with love (sacrificial love-- Eph. 5).  Women should submit (willingly place themselves under the authority of their man) out of obedience and love for Christ and as unto Christ.  There are always terrible situation in which man or woman abuse the other and in these situations it is clear that sometimes separation must happen for awhile until the relationship and safety of all involved can  be restored. (That is a different post for another day.)  more importantly, women are to be the nurturers of their children.  We have been given the awesome privilege to raise up a generation for Christ!  Whether you work outside of the home or not, your absolute priority must be your family. If you have to pass off the responsibility of your children unto others it should cause you to prayerfully reconsider why you are having to do so.  Temporary emergencies arise and the church of Christ should support one another more. Let your needs be known and give the body an opportunity to respond.

4) God desires for us to live in accordance to His will.  If our desires are outside of this, then we cannot be secure that we are being called to do that activity.  (I.E. I desire to go and work in orphanages some times which is a great desire-- but completely out of the realm of my current responsibilities He has given me first.) 

5) Our callings will change.  Certain times call for us to take on certain roles.  God's will is not a mystery-- he was revealed it to us plainly in Scriptures.  (you can even biblegateway.com "God's Will" and find some of those specific commands-- the first that we LOVE one another!)  And we cannot do everything all the time.  There will be an ebb and flow to times which allow for more freedoms here and there than at other times. 

Do what you need to do to fight the temptation to want someone else's calling!!!  This will do nothing but eat away at you and cause you to become resentful and bitter-- the complete opposite of a vibrant, joy-filled Christian!

** I could have added a LOT of Scripture to back this all up, but truthfully I just wanted to get this down.  We're studying James in our Bible study group right now and allllll of these things are addressed when we stop to consider our hearts-- our truest motivation behind our actions.  I'm thankful the Lord is patient and works on us with grace, stripping us of our flesh and continually adding to us HIS Holiness!**


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