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While we wait, Part 2 (Seminary "pause")

>> 6.10.2011

I'm writing this from an iPad, so please forgive any lack of proper writing format...

So if you have any experience leaving the work world to dive head-long into seminary (or any full-time schooling, really)you will relate to that time where all of a sudden you feel as if you'll be taking the next few (2? 4? 5? 6? Sigh...)years off of life. It's the feeling several of my fellow (former) sem-wives called a "pause", or my favorite: a "parenthases". When reflecting on this feeling a little further, however, we realized that this time in our lives was anything BUT a "pause", but rather a continuation of what God had for us to shape our lives and hearts the way in which He wanted. God did not intent for us to "pause" or to just sit back and relax (ok, relax? maybe not. edit our husband's papers? maybe). No, He intended for us to MINISTER while we waited, as He intends all of us to serve no matter WHAT time of life we are in.

As hard as it can be to get involved in people's lives, to invest in relationships for the purpose of glorifying God while in a time where you may anticipate moving once again in just a short time, God built us for relationship and digging deep. Opening yourself vulnerably is the way we can allow others to speak to us and one way we can affect other'S lives as well. How thankful I am, sitting here now in a hotel room on a candidating weekend, to know that I invested in others' lives and allowed them to invest in mine as we ministered to each other, our kids, our spouses, and our local church families, and didn't choose to just "pause" while I waited on hold. If you are in a time of uncertainty, don't use that as an excuse to check out of serving others. Sure, there are those occasional times where healing and a little bit of "pausing" is necessary, but sometimes the way God wants to heal us is through us looking outward to those who need Him just as much as we do.

I sure am excited to get back into a "normal" life (whatever that is!) but I have learned so much and grown so much from the relationships He provided over these last (sometimes very long feeling) four years, that I cringe to think I could have missed it all had I chosen to check out and truly "pause". Embrace the situations and journey God has for you and don't wish them away. Allow God to work through you in those times and joy will come when you see what fruit He produces in your life because you trust, love, and serve Him while you wait.


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