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A Great New Blog!

>> 11.24.2011

I am very proud to announce the start of a great new blog dedicated to teaching us about the plight of those trafficked in our modern days.  Please take a moment to read these short, informative blogs and then take a step of faith and get involved!  There are tons of ways to do this that won't even take you outside of your front door-- the first, of course, is onto your knees to pray.  God sees and hurts those taken advantage of and cares for them more than we can imagine.  Let's answer His command to take care of the poor, the needy, and those who have no voice. (Jer. 6:8)


Don't forget:  Giveaway for the unique Christmas Ornament will close December 2.  If you haven't spread the word yet leaving a comment along the way, do so today!!!!

AND:  Update for the Giveaway:  anyone signing up to follow or receive the blog in the inbox at Aware to Care will be entered into the giveaway too!!!


Reading For Hope!

>> 11.14.2011

Instilling in our children the desire to be life-long givers is very important to my husband and I.  It has been exciting to watch the children grow and begin to learn to think of others before themselves. This year, as we did last year, we wanted to have the kids participate in a way to give a gift to Jesus for Christmas, since, after all it is HIS birth we celebrate!  After discussing which organization(s) they wanted to give to, we talked about ways they might earn this money.  Taking a spin off of other "pledge"- based giving, (i.e. walk-a-thons, etc.) we all decided that since the kids could read, they could read to earn money.  They wrote a letter to their close relatives and friends, addressed the envelopes, stamped, and sent them in the mail.  After a 30 day challenge each child was able to reach their goal.  One child had really wanted to be able to purchase a goat through World Vision and the other children wanted to collect their money for a girls' orphanage we are connected to in South East Asia that keeps young girls out of the enslavement of human trafficking. After a total of 152 books, I'm happy to say that the goat will be able to be purchased (and perhaps a chicken or two) and we will have a part in purchasing a much needed washing machine and other household items desperately needed for the orphanage.  God's kingdom will expand through these meager gifts ~ what better Christmas gift could we offer?

I pray your family will enjoy the blessing of giving to others and be excited about expanding God's Kingdom in whatever way He leads you to do.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mama's Mission, November 11

>> 11.06.2011

Update on October's:  stay close to God -- MORE accomplished than the month previous...but I still am falling short of my desire of DAILY reading His Word and praying.  (I want to get this posted, so no pictures to go with my post=)

Overall, since moving, I think I've felt like an increasing failure-- failure to pay enough attention to my husband, failure to get school stuff straight for all children (even the two that "count"), failure to get my business back up and running, failure in all things organized,...I really could go on-- but that would be a downer.  So, where to I go from here? 

Thankfully, I know that the Lord is walking with me through this.  Afterall, this blog is entitled, "My Soul Waits" and I find myself returning to the Psalm that started it all, "My soul waits for God only, from him alone comes my salvation...Trust in Him at all times, pour out your heart before Him."  Discouragement is an arrow of the enemy and so I am trusting in the Lord Who can extinquish those flaming darts and trying to find my shelter and hope in Him.  He will not fail me, though I fail Him...His mercies are new EVERY MORNING!  Great is His faithfulness! (Lam. 3)

November's Mission:  Enjoy my family, stay close to Jesus.  (If not for these two things, I think I'd have to say "survival."=)


Christmas Gift Idea #1 (AND a GIVEAWAY for it!)

>> 11.04.2011

Beads to Bless, a not-for-profit small business that assists women and children around the globe by supporting free trade products (operated by my mother, no less!=), has come up with the great idea for Christmas tree ornaments. This very unique glass ornament is truly one-of-a-kind. Handmade, each ornament displays 27 large orange beads and various smaller ones.  ORANGE is used because it is the color that represents FREEDOM.  The 27 large beads represent the 27 (+) million men, women and children that are trafficked to date. (For more information and current stats you can visit any of the sites listed below.)

Beads to Bless has just opened their Etsy shop and there you will soon find other beaded products such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and some other home decor items!  If you are NOT the winner of this product, you can still purchase an ornament for yourself or for family and friends for just $12.  ALL PROCEEDS, 100% of it, goes directly back into supporting real women and real children helping them to make a living in order to support themselves to stay away from becoming or every being again a victim of human trafficking.

Great Sites To Become More Informed:
International Justice Mission, www.ijm.org
Not For Sale Campaign, www.notforsalecompaign.org
Free the Slaves, www.freetheslaves.net

If you are in Indiana, Sherry Searles is an AWESOME advocate and teacher who puts on "Freedom Parties" helping us to become more aware and equipped with what we can do to help those being trafficked Stateside and Abroad.  Check out her facebook here for more info!
1) Leave a comment and letting me know you are "following" My Soul Waits
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3) Send this post in an email (Sorry, my other sharing buttons are not working and I haven't had time to fix them yet!) and leave a comment letting me know you did.

4)  Go check out one of the sites listed above and come back and let me know you did!
5)  Blog or post about this product or the plight of those trafficked and come back and let me know you did! (If you blog, please leave the link.)

Just one step in helping those in need and those who don't have a voice to be able to stand up for themselves-- AND you can get ready for Christmas!  Happy Giveaway!


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