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>> 4.23.2013

Just some thoughts that have been swirling through my mind.

We all love comfort.  I think it must be built into the heart of every human to love to be safe, secure, and feeling like all is well-- in one word this is "comfort," right?  When things are out of place, have gone awry, or are unfamiliar to us, we inevitably feel "uncomfortable."  And that can cause a complete domino collapse-- I feel uncomfortable so I:

GET ANGRY                     get irritable                         quit & give up      RUN
  hide            shut down                         walk away         EAT     drink           dive into another project  (dive into another relationship)        spend money          go on a trip  

go to the movies                  get my nails done                         read a book            
         go onto Facebook      play computer games          
                                                       WORK OUT EXCESSIVELY

Heaven's knows I could go on and on.  What we DO when we are uncomfortable says a lot about us.  Where we turn is a clear picture of the things we find most comfort in-- our security, our value, our treasure. 

God has a lot to say about this.  All throughout scripture He tells us to "have courage" and to "rest in Him."  He called himself our "Peace".  He said He came so that we might have "abundant life"...and yet I'd venture to say that most of us don't feel like we have abundant life.  No, most of us settle for getting through life.  Or, we strive for worldly comforts hoping they will get us comfortable enough that one day we'll be able to be so comfortable we can finally escape the feeling of being uncomfortable.  Trouble is, the more we chase all these ways of making ourselves more comfortable, the more uncomfortable (unsatisfied) we become.  In vain we turn to the things listed above, or something I didn't list above and we look just like our unbelieving neighbors.  People aren't attracted to God because those who claim to "know Him" and "love Him" are nothing like Him and don't seek after the things He calls valuable.  We aren't attracting people to God because our lives AREN'T ATTRACTIVE.  If they were, our church doors would be flooded by people who want what we have.  But, as I watch, in general, no one wants what we have because we don't live like we have anything different than they already have-- weight issues, marriage issues, kid issues, anger issues, spending issues, etc. 

And I don't want to be like that.  And I don't think in your very heart of hearts you do either.  So, where does this leave us?  I read a statement lately that said "Everyone wants a movement, but no one wants to move."  This is the problem.  We don't want to move because we're COMFORTABLE and being uncomfortable is...well, uncomfortable, right? 

To start we MUST begin on our knees where all great beginnings start.  After all, "The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom."  And that's just our beginning place.  We start on our knees and in the Word and we LISTEN.  Listen for HIS calling on our lives.  We read all about HIS HEART in His Word and we can't miss some clear callings.  I could easily list some of those values of God's here today...but I'm not going to.  If you want to know God's heart, YOU must seek it.  I can not seek it for you.  I can not answer His call on YOUR life for you-- I'm too concerned with answering that for me.  But you must start.  You can not run, hide, eat, shop, etc. your way out of it-- or you'll continue to live on in your pseudo-comfort.  The only TRUE comfort, peace, and security, is found in FOLLOWING HIM; the God of the heaven Who created you uniquely to answer His unique call on your life. (Eph. 2:10)

What are you chasing after today?


THM Recipes, Recipes!

>> 4.13.2013

Alright, friends.  Last I left you I had just received my very own copy of Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett.  (Have I ever told you I wish I could write a book that would be so much needed and so well received?  Selfish dream...but there, none the less!)  Anyway, I have now spent only 4 days trying to put into practice the words of wisdom in this book and I'm down...2.8 lbs!  I've always known that whatever I eat effects my weight one way or the other, but it truly is an amazing thing to realize that every. single. bit. counts-- and when it counts the RIGHT way, I'll be fast on my way to losing what so desperately needs to be lost-- a massive amount of weight!

So, for today, I just really wanted to share with you two of my favorite recipes I've made thus far. These are two wonderfully tasty recipes that are SUPER low in the glycemic index-- which means no blood sugar spike-- which means no crazy insulin action going on-- which means, proper food digestion and burning of fat that MUST GO!

"Loaded Fotato Soup" 

Cauliflower (1/2 12 oz bag)
Chicken broth, fat-free (2 cups)
Light Laughing Cow cheese (1 wedge)
Turkey bacon bits (optional-- if you want it "loaded"-- I didn't have any and it was still great)
Glucomannan or xanthan gum (sprinkles of)
Sea Salt, other seasonings as you desire (pepper, garlic, etc.)
Green onion (also optional)

1. Tenderize cauliflower in (simmering) chicken broth.  (I did mine in a pan...I'm sure you could use a microwave, but then there are those that are a bit against microwaving so...tenderize however you want!)
2. Scoop out tender cauliflower and place in blender.  (I have used my Ninja more in the last week than I had since I got it at Christmas time!  I never knew you could use blenders to make meals!  I don't get in the kitchen often, obviously.)  Blenderize (I like the sound of that) until desired consistency.  Put back in chicken broth.
3. Add 1 cheese wedge to broth in pan. Disperse it with a spoon, whisk, whatever. 
4. Season with sea salt, pepper, etc.  Serene and Pearl add nutritional yeast for its superfood benefits but I've yet to get mine in the mail=)
5. Add in turkey bits if you like/have.
6. Thicken soup with sprinkles of glucomannan or xanthan gum.  Do so little by little whisking briskly.  Get it to a normal potato soup consistency.  (This week I used xanthan gum while I wait for yes, the package in the mail that also contains my glucomannan.)
7. Garnish with optional green onion.  (Which I did because I can't have white onions while dealing with this IBS business so I love green onions now!)

This made PLENTY for one serving and filled me up!  In fact, it was too much.  I shared the left overs with my daughter who seems to love eating everything.  I even shared a few spoonfuls with my {very picky eater} husband who also enjoyed it.  (Wasn't exactly the same consistency, mind you, but he didn't know WHAT it was until I told him.  He said he "would eat" it again.  Whew!  One recipe down...several more to try to convince him of!)

"Time Healthy Pancakes"
Ingredients:  Old Fashioned Oats, low-fat cottage cheese, egg white, baking powder, sweetener, vanilla

1. Put 1 Cup Old Fashioned Oats into...BLENDER...and blenderize (I know that isn't a word, don't you worry.  I just like the sound of it too much...) until it becomes a powder.
2. Add to powdered oats, 1 Cup liquid egg whites.
3. Add 1 Cup cottage cheese.
4. Add 2 tsp. baking powder (they recommend aluminum free, of course), and sweetener (2-3 tsp Truvia), and a dash of vanilla.  (I also added some cinnamon.)
5. Blend all of these ingredients well.  It will become a thick mess-- but all contained in your blender!  (FABulous!)
6. Ladle out onto skillet or pan in desired pancake size. 

These tasted and looked like the "real" thing.  I topped them with some yogurt and raspberries and they were delish!  This recipe should make 9 medium sized and they call a serving 3 of them.  That was plenty for me.  Store extras in the fridge separated by paper towels or they will stick to each other.  Now I have breakfast ready for the week days when time is more of an essential.

Try 'em!  Let me know how it goes...and buy the book!  (Or ask your mom for it for your birthday like I did!;)


Updating Blog

Just wanted to note that MANY of the links to my personally design pages (worksheets,etc.) are no longer working-- I know this!  When summer hits (just 5 weeks away for me and my kiddos!) I have planned to "correct" this and update the blog.  Until then...my visitors will just have to live with blog posts only.  Too much to do in life than sit fixing my blog right now!  I have things to share with you all...but I will do that as I can and without taking time to fix some of my broken links.  (They really aren't that important anyway, right?)

Thanks for your understanding!


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