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Wednesday Weigh-In, Almost 3 Months Down...

>> 3.30.2013

In my ideal world, the one I think I like to live in more than not, I am 195 lbs by now.  In my ACTUAL world, I am down 1.6 lbs from last week-- and a whopping 4.6 since I started in January.  My inconsistencies have wreaked havoc on my "plan" and I'm tempted to give up.  Then I went dress shopping last night...and it all floods back REAL easily as to why this is so important.  Not only to look better, the sagging weight of post birth 4 times over and inconsistent healthy eating habits is abundantly obvious, and the lack of energy has returned.  Though I am exercising more often than Oct-Dec, and kicked my Mt. Dew addiction (once again), I've started to crave salt-- something I've never cared for in my life. 

Now sits in my hands, 4 hours old, a brand new copy of Trim Healthy Mama.  A 607 page book written by two sisters-- two sisters who hold 13 children between them, stay at home, and home school.  These ladies are accessible to me!  The biggest appeal is the great reviews this book has gotten by the way it has helped countless mothers just like me to be naturally and healthfully lose weight and bring light back into their married, motherhood demand-filled lives.  If you look for them on FB you'll see great comments about what the information they've shared is doing in normal people's lives.  I'm not looking for a lucky ticket-- but I am looking for some shoulder to shoulder help inside my kitchen as I navigate the stormy waters called "healthy eating".  Well, I guess I'm also looking for less "storm" in that kitchen of mind-- and more peace in my mental faculties as I work to find food that can nourish and bless my whole family. 

I've been encouraged to just "not eat like my family does, to prep separate foods for myself and by my example they may or may not want to follow"...but that doesn't sit well with my soul.  I know I shouldn't find peace and comfort IN food itself...but being able to prepare meals my whole family can enjoy, talk around, learn from, etc. does something to inspire my soul.  That is the type of home I want to model for my kids-- not always being in angst about what's coming in or going out of the kitchen! (Which is what it has been for the past 2 years.)  I'm anxious to put into practice what I'll be learning and hoping to report back soon about the benefits I'm seeing as a result of what I'm learning.

So, here's to the next THREE months!  May they bring more visible results and energy into my life-- and wherever you are in yours, may the next 3 months bring the same to you!


Wednesday Weigh-In, Regrouping=)

>> 3.13.2013

Well, there's been a bit o time that has past since last we met-- only to be honest, I didn't think I was really meeting anyone so...I sort of didn't keep my appointment!  Then I found out I WAS being met...so, I thought I'd show up today!

Last week I honestly didn't weigh myself.  We had company and my scale was in the other bathroom unavailable for the time being...until I remembered AFTER LUNCH and, at that point, I was NOT going to weigh myself! No, no, no.

Today's weight: 209.6 (hmmm...)
"Ran": 2 miles in 26.30 minutes (my best time yet, but I realize that's not really running for many of you:)

The Journey--
I've found SPELT-- and it loves me and I love it.  Thus far I've made soft pretzels and bread with it for those days when I've needed something to go with my Chicken and broth (lol, no noodles since I haven't made spelt noodles yet!) or a little something more than a chocolate bar - ha. Spelt can be substituted 1 for 1 with flour only if it's a recipe with liquid you'll probably need to slightly lessen liquid or add a little more spelt flour.  That said, unless you intend to grind your own spelt "berries" (yes, they are called berries in whole form) then I suggest only using spelt if you have digestive issues or a very large bank account.  One 5 lb bag cost me $13.99!!!
I also love sugar.  Too much sugar.  In fact, without realizing it, the weeks I lost consistently and fairly easily I had no sugar (and, no gluten, of course) and the weeks I haven't lost any weight (i.e. the ENTIRE month of February!) I added that sugar back in (and only small amounts of gluten-- like that show up in spelt bread.)  This, I've realized, is a complete addiction that has got to go for permanent.  Who can live all shot up with sugar?!?  I also gradually went back to my Mt. Dew for 2 weeks and though I almost can hear some of you laughing now, it is my vice.  And I hate it.  I have not had any since Sunday now and am closing in on my constant sugar high.  I WANT to say I will not have any today...but I already had one of my oatmeal yummies and hot chocolate while enjoying a wonderful morning with just my littlest.  I need accountability!  Any takers?!?!

So, there you have it.  It's where I am.  I am always learning lots...but always falling down.  I guess the most encouraging verse for me today is:

 Proverbs 24:16a, "The godly may trip seven times, 
but they will get up again..."

Join the conversation!  Let me know how YOU are doing on your own journey!  (And then I can meet you here again next week!=)


Lift the Cross, Lift it Up...

>> 3.03.2013

For the first time ever, my husband and I were able to attend a Chris Tomlin (Louie Giglio, Kari Jobe, too!) concert.  I really wasn't sure what to expect, other than worship music, of course, but I walked away with two main thoughts and I'd like to share them with you today.

THE CROSS -- We must lift it high!
A few years ago a young man in his early 20s talked with my husband and I and expressed his thoughts on today's "Church".  One of his comments struck me as "odd" which was something to the effect of how so many churches were getting rid of their crosses.  He said, "Now, I'm not a believer or anything, but, if I was, I mean, I'd have a cross in the church I attended.  It's your MAIN symbol and you don't even want it around!"  Being part of the Church all my life, I hadn't really thought about it much.  I mean, cross, no cross...what was the difference?  Even if there was no cross in my church, I still knew my faith was centered around it -- around the sacrifice of the PERFECT, HOLY man/God who DIED was BURIED and the ROSE AGAIN three days later.  (The ONLY God to have ever done that-- and SO many witnesses to attest to it!) So...whether it was on the front wall or not didn't really cause me concern.

.    .    .

Until recently.  There are, in my opinion (and many other church leaders much more well-known than I, lol), two main issues the church must respond to today: Salvation found in Christ alone and our response to the issues of the definition of marriage.  (I won't address the latter today.)  With the rapid rise in Islam and other religions today, we Believers can not simply rely on a "culture" that understands and accepts the Truth of Christ anymore.  Actually, we are seeing more and more "persecution" daily right here on our own dear American soil.  I pray constantly that my children will learn while here in our home to love Christ fully and be ready to sacrifice EVERYTHING for Him...because I see a day approaching soon where Christianity in many outlets will not be allowed at all.  We will all then be living like so many of our dear brothers and sisters who know what it's like to daily "take up their (own) cross and follow Him."  We stand out, if we truly believe that there is only ONE WAY to God-- not through good works, not through Allah, not through Buddah, not through Joseph Smith, not through good health, Mother Earth...etc., ONLY through Christ-- and the cross is our symbol to tell the world.   Listen below to this song from Chris Tomlin that made me confirm in my own heart the need to rely on the cross, not the physical symbol but rather what/ WHO it stands for, and convicted me to cherish our religious symbols in a right way.

"Laying your body down
You took our rightful place...
We raise our white flag
we surrender..."

"We lift the cross, lift it up, lift it up..."

Our treasured symbol-- we MUST lift it high for it cost our Precious Savior EVERYTHING!

PASTOR SAEED -- We must stand by our brother in prayer!
Do you know this man?  Have you heard his name?  Have you heard it and then turned the radio channel or the news channel and think, "so what"?  Well, he is lifting the cross of Jesus high in the world's most dangerous prison known to humankind.  He is AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.  He was taken in the middle of the night in a country known to be severely against Christians.  He had been legally allowed to enter, to work on an orphanage in this country, assured that he would be just fine.  He has a wife and two daughters right here in our United States...perhaps they live in the state in which you live.  They could be your neighbors.  Pastor Saeed's most recent letter can be read here.  I beg you to do so.  PRAY for this man!  He is doing what you and I might imagine we could never do-- but one day we, too, just may be called upon to do this very thing.  It reminds me of Paul.  Paul wrote from horrible prison cells in which he endured many unspeakable hardships...and continued to praise the Lord Jesus Christ (the very One he'd opposed himself just years before) and lifted the cross high.  As I listened to this song being sung out in an arena filled with over 9,000 people, the Lord brought Pastor Saeed to mind and as we sung "lift it up" I couldn't help but pour out more prayers than I have yet to do for this man and his family and thank Jesus over and over for sustaining him, for giving him the grace to respond to his opposers with undeserved love; Christ's indwelling actions pouring out from this man.  (You can read more about this story here.)

If you are a Christ-follower take a minute to examine what your life is saying about Christ.  Are you treasuring Him and His sacrifice?  Are you "not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ" (Romans 1:16) or has some apathy set in?  Let Christ do His work in you...

If you have a favorite Chris Tomlin song, share it with me!


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