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Trailblazers -- Great Deal Going On!

>> 3.10.2012

Dave and Neta Jackson, authors of more than 100 children's books including the series of missionary "biographies" (historical fiction) for children (ages 8-12) are offering ALL 40 of their Trailblazer titles for just $39!  I can vouch for these books when I say that they are excellently written and will begin to open your children's eyes to the great and powerful works that God has done through ordinary men and women who have submitted their lives to pursuing and serving Christ.  Some of the titles include the stories of:

* William and Catherine Booth
* William Tyndale
* David Livingstone
* Martin Luther
* Harriet Tubman
* George Muller
* Amy Carmichael

And, of course, many, many others!

They are selling these books via a CD that can be uploaded to your computer, printed out or uploaded to your favorite eBook reader.  After considering the fact that I still LOVE feeling a book in my hands, I couldn't help but realize that we've already read and LOVED two of their books (not to mention my list was already growing as to which ones I was going to order next!) and at a savings of well over $200, I couldn't resist snatching them up and giving into cuddling with the kids in front of our iPad instead=)  (Doesn't smell as good, but they sure do love turning those pages!).  Bonus: my bookshelves are already getting pretty full and I don't have anything I'm willing to let go to make more room...40 extra books would have really needed a new bookshelf!=)

PLEASE check these out!  Many of the books are now out of print so this option is a fabulous way to collect them all-- and your children will benefit so much from reading about the lives of these men and women who gave their all to serve the Lord.  I couldn't find better stories to fill my children's hearts with than those of the "cloud of witnesses" who have gone before us.  I pray the Lord will bring these stories back again and again as He sees fit to encourage my children in the coming days that they might stand firm for Jesus.



Jamie,  March 10, 2012 at 4:46 PM  

Thanks! Sounds like a good deal!!!

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