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>> 10.11.2012

It's been a loooooooooong time, hasn't it?  Well, we all get into life like that sometimes, right?  And now, I just decided, I had to write again.  It's a creative outlet, if you will, for many and I'm not ashamed to say I need a bit of that right now for my soul.

So, I bring you another token of my creative ability (a-hem)-- my TOOTH DAY plate!!!!  Yes, I did use a picture from online-- should I even announce that?  (If anyone can find the creator of this picture, please inform them I will pay for it to make it right because it was just handed to me as an option at the store ; ) But, as it was, I went to one of those shops that allows you to purchase, paint, and fire pottery and you walk away feeling like you are a master in the creative realm.  (At least that is how I feel about this "piece" I aptly call, wait for it..., "The Tooth Day Plate".) 

In our home I wanted to do something to celebrate the ever so sought after "loosing of a tooth" rite and when I read a post by my cousin in Ohio, I knew I'd found the "thing" I'd been searching for: Tooth Day!  Although we still do have a Tooth Fairy come and visit, because that's just part of the fun too, we celebrate for the entire day after the Tooth Fairy has visited (and by now they all know it's "just" us, Mom and Dad, pretending to be fairies.  This realization all thanks to the movies that told it all on us.)  We usually have one meal selected by the tooth-less recipient and of course sweet treats.  I've searched online for a few fun "activity" suggestions but haven't found many yet.  That is my next "plan of action" for prepping for this wonderful fun-filled day but getting my plate done is the result of being on a two-year waiting list of "to-do-someday" projects so...activities may be awhile in coming.

Unless...YOU ALL can help me!  If you have a special way you celebrate the farewell and hello of an old and new tooth will you share it with me??  I'd love to hear it and perhaps the next Tooth Day in our home will feature YOU-- or at least, your activity.=)


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