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"Skip the Drama, Stay With Momma!" (Some Homeschooling Humor)

>> 1.21.2012

Well, it's been a while, my friends, and I'd like to return with some thought provoking post, but alas, this is not the case.  I am, however, returning with a phrase that's been rolling around and around in my head since I first saw Tangled JUST two weeks ago.  (I know, not only are my KIDS sheltered because we homeschool -- but so am I! Gasp! )  We actually are just not movie watchers and therefore, neither are our children...and I guess we do use Phil. 4:8 as our TV filter-- which leaves A LOT of shows/ movies out of the picture.  To no disappointment to us, I might add.  (But I really did not intend to share our media philosophy with you today-- that was *bonus*=)

So, in this movie (a very cute and funny version of Rapunzel) the "mother" says the phrase "Skip the drama, stay with Momma" while convincing Rapunzel that she needn't visit the outside world as it is just too dangerous and evil a place to be; she's safer with her "momma" who knows best.  (I soon after was thinking things like, "Skip the drama, OBEY momma" and I like the sound of that more, but I promise I have yet to use it on my children-- been tempted, though! =)  While I don't believe this saying to be true at 18 years of age, which is what the character Rapunzel was about to become, I do believe the saying is a bit true when it comes to the early years of a child's life.  I am not, however, suggesting that sheltering my children from ALL things at ALL times is the "right" way to parent-- as this most often leads to later rebellion at higher stakes.  With that said (and that's all from my parenting book today) I have a HILARIOUS video for all those who have "ideas" of what homeschoolers/ing are like and how it works on a daily basis.  Check it out!

Here it is:  7 Myths About Homeschoolers-- from a homeschooled teen.

Hope your laughing-- I was!

Until later (when I have more inspiring thoughts to share...)


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