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SEE it! COVER it! WRITE it!

>> 9.13.2011

We just finished up week six for school and I'm beginning to figure out what it takes to make my days go as smoothly as possible: "entertain" Little Lady with school stuff-- and LOTS of school stuff! On our best days, I've spent a good 2 hrs. (minimum) preping for the next day. This would be no different than any other normal el. ed teacher-- only they would be preping to teach 28-30 little bodies and, I'm only prepping for ONE! (Yeah. I know, I'm not even getting to the two that really need to be in school yet!=)

Anyway, after downloading LOTS of materials from my sites listed over on the right (thanks, confessions and 1+1+1 ladies) I've begun to realize that there are other materials I already have and other reading programs I want to use and need to create some other documents of my own for this purpose.  If these aid you in someway, great!  If not, maybe they will give you ideas for your own or lead you to sites that help you with your prep for that child(ren) that may need LOTS of hands-on "busy work"! 

We'll be working on the ltr. D this week so this is one activity that I've applied to that letter. It's called "SEE it! COVER it! WRITE it!" (very original, I know, creativity in this way is not my thing) The object is to SEE a word, then COVER it with the dollar store magnetic letters for refrigerators, and then WRITE it in the LARGE space provided, made especially for children who are not yet used to writing in any small space at all. Print out and laminate, or simply print on paper and put in a sheet protector for binders.  (I find sheet protectors are easier to remove expo marker from.  For papers that I won't plan on using over and over, I'll probably just stick with these.)

I will be adding many more of these printables using this activity, so be sure to check back for more!

Here are some examples of SEE it! COVER it! WRITE it!

(Stars are for privacy reasons;)  She wrote her name below the fridge magnets but was a little...um...unsure of using the whole space, so I dotted the next word for her as can be seen below.

Adding the dotted lines for the letters really helped, and I'll probably do this until she's a little better with her writing.  oh, and she liked to cover the TOP letters...I wasn't too picky about that.

If you find yourselves using these print outs, let me know! (And make sure to pass them on.)  I'll be adding many more as we continue to learn.  She LOVED them!!!


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