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WORD TILES (for Heart of Dakota Spelling)

>> 9.27.2011

I've been working on a growing number of Word Tile sets to go with my children's  letter tiles.  I actually picked our set of letter tiles up from Meijer when we were shopping there shortly before school started for us, but I can't seem to find that exact set online anyway.  No biggy-- they actually were a bit more expensive, but if you have any set of square letter tiles(as can be found here), they should fit pretty well on these same sets if you'd like to print them out.

I use these sets to help practice their spelling for our Heart of Dakota Curriculum that just happens to (usually;) match up with our regular language lessons.  This week it's words that end in 'y' and next week it's words that have the long 'a' sound made by using a silent 'e' at the end (with a few "exceptions").  Take a peek-- if it's helpful, great!  If not, go on with life as usual=)

I find that using letter tiles helps alleviate the frustration child # 2 has with writing and helps change things up a bit for child # 1.  In the picture below you can see I made a little "tool" with foam to help create a window that they can slide the word stripes through.  This also has made the kids feel more like they are playing some sort of "game" instead of just doing school "work." 

You can find my HOD Spelling printables on my 4shared account.  So far I've only got Unit 8 and Unit 9 done, but will add more if I hear from others that this would be helpful to them.

What are YOU doing that helps make school seem a little more "fun"?  I'd love to hear!


S.T.S. September 28, 2011 at 1:26 AM  

Oh what a good idea! I had my left over "Montessori At Home" Set I made for my first daughter. When My second daughter was frustrated with spelling out they would come. Yours are much more fun and prettier than mine.
Sara :-)

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