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Unexpected Sancutary

>> 9.19.2011

For so long I've dreaded that machine, you know the one-- the one that has this giant belt that runs along the bottom and causes people to act like little gerbils?  You got it-- the treadmill.  (Shh!  Don't say it too loudly!)  Many people have joined me in my loathing of that great machine...but recently I've begun to change my mind.  You see, since we've moved we no longer have access to a wonderful Y facility like we did in our old town, and this had set both my husband and I on a quest to find a good solution.  Thus, Craigslist...and thus, that great giant machine (aka treadmill), sitting in our already over-crowded home.  So, while it sits there, I thought I might as well try to use it!

Well, I must say, I have been unexpectedly surprised by the benefits it has given me (the whole handful of times I've used it so far).  Last week and this morning I got on it, mid-day (which is great for that awful blood sugar drop that happens to all of us at that time of day), and for 30 UNINTERRUPTED glorious minutes, the Lord and I have walk/jogged together.  Perhaps similar to those that say you should try praying in the shower (I did that once-- too weird for "conservative" me=), I have found that exercising and listening to upbeat praise and worship music has allowed me the opportunity to worship the Lord while treating my body that He has given me, the way in which I should treat it.  When I wanted to give up, I thanked the Lord for creating me "fearfully and wonderfully" (Ps. 139) and that I am able to use my body to glorify Him.  I air drummed (yep! good for the arms, right?), raised my hands when led, and sang (though I'm sure my kids were a little confused since I harmonized most of the way-- when I wasn't puffing, that is=).  It was the highlight of my day and I was glad I was able to have a little "God and me" time-- away from the distractions of my world.

What about you?  Where have YOU found an unexpected sanctuary?


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