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Wednesday Weigh-In

>> 1.23.2013

Happy to report: 209 even this am!  That's almost a 2 lbs loss.

Tummy issues:  have all but subsided on this FODMAPS diet-- only thing is I still have pain every morning upon waking-- so if you have any ideas as to what that could be from, I'd be happy to hear from you! =)

I have received two bits of info that I'm currently "chewing" over and I thought I'd share them with you briefly.  The first is over the debate of "To weigh or NOT to weigh".

TO weigh--

  • It keeps me motivated and knowing that I'm headed in the right direction when I want more of those blasted WONDERFUL Martha Stewart Chocolate Chip cookies the kids and I made the other day (in lieu of formal "math class").
  • It keeps me accountable
NOT to Weigh --
  • If you're losing weight you will begin to see it in your clothes/mirror
  • Weighing keeps the focus on too much that can occasionally fluctuate the WRONG way and then it can upset you to throwing you off/discouraging you away from your previous goals.
  • We are fearfully and wonderfully made-- and focusing on weight can cloud this TRUTH right out! 
I'm currently voting for "weighing" for myself because I know I'm focused on transforming my kitchen into a "Real Foods" kitchen...this IS lifestyle change I'm attempting to do because I WANT to, it's GOD-Honoring to treat my body and train my kids in this eating well way, and my body is depending on it in every daily situation to feel well enough to focus on something other than my tummy pains!  (Pain is ALWAYS the best motivator, right?=)  I also am confident in who God has created me to be.  I look in the mirror and see many good things about myself and praise the Lord for the talents He's given me.  I'm happy to be me (most days anyways, lol) and I'm happy/content with the life He's given me to live.  I feel I am weighing in for good reasons and have the right mind-set not to be dragged down when the scale says someday, as I know it will eventually, that I've gone up .2 pounds.

Second bit of information I'm not "open" enough to sharing, yet at least, but it's been a good book that shares the idea that weak internal muscles can result in IBS-like suffering as well as other symptoms.  I'm working my way through that so, thank you "Reader Friend" for passing that along!

Exercise Goal:  I did NOT complete as much of that as I'd wanted-- but two more days than I had the previous week so I feel good about it.  Next week I'm aiming for two more!

How are YOUR goals coming?  I'd love to hear from you.


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