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Weigh-In Wednesday; after a month

>> 1.30.2013

Weight today: 208.8 -- not a large loss but I consider it a great success because:

  1. It wasn't up!
  2. We had a crazy weekend that lent itself to all over the board eating due to traveling/late night ER visits, etc. (I still just basically starved myself through those "out to eat" trips, lol-- I think at least SUBWAY should have gluten free bread!)
  3. I added two workout days AND got myself BACK TO THE GYM for my early am group workout.
  4. I had two people comment to me about how I look "are you losing weight" and "your skin looks good"...and I'll take BOTH of those as complete testimonies to what getting off of gluten is doing for me.

Still struggling to find my low-gluten groove...really still need to be completely gluten-free and then I'm working to discover the other foods that give me problems.  I hope you all are making progress with your own goals this year.  Next time I hope to have time to post some of my favorite new recipes!


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