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>> 10.10.2011

Just wanted to give a warm welcome to my new followers and subscribers.  I appreciate your interest & am looking forward to drawing a winner just two weeks from today!  I had great plans of posting each day this week one way we use Education Cubes in our home -- but alas, the flu has decided to run amok here and I'm not sure what my week will entail!  (I know you all completely understand=)  So, as I am able, I will be posting some pics and hopefully spark your interest and enthusiasm even more for this product.

Also-- be on the lookout for a great Christmas idea coming very soon through this MSW blog.  It will be educational (for the adults in your life), God-honoring, and look really nice around your home...any guesses?  (I don't think you could even guess if you tried!)  More details will come by weeks' end (along with another giveaway!)

Until then,
Kristen J.


Anonymous,  October 10, 2011 at 11:32 AM  

AH! I've been trying to think of Christmas ideas for the grandparents! Got any that can be from the kids, that we can make for somewhat cheap?

Can't wait to hear what this idea is....

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